Eau de toilette - Refillable travel spray 20 ml - 75 €


Soft talc, light as a feather – the simple sensation of a cloud of talcum puffing up and settling, a powdery ribbon slipping down the skin.

A liquid, mineral, vegetal talcum, fluid like flour in water. A nestled powder, intimate and delicate.

Rice absolute, white orris powder, white cedarwood essential oil, and ambrette seeds.


Talc by IUNX is inspired by Butoh, a Japanese dance form characterized by extreme slowness, poetry, and minimalism.

Surrounded by the scent of sand and talcum, near naked bodies come together in a white powdery union to celebrate the stages of life. There is something unreal, there is grace to be found in this peculiar world – a sense of overwhelming calmness.

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